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The kingdom of green olives is Mediterranean Basin. Wonderful Meditterranean climate allows evergreen olive bushes flourish in the rays of scorching sun. This is where the most important ingredient of Ziaja cosmetics: olive oil comes from and 30 years ago this ingredient started the history of Ziaja. Olive oil is the first line of products produced in 1989 that began the successful story of Ziaja cosmetics and it lasts till now.

  • Olives oil, as an ingredient, is irreplaceable in cooking and cosmetic industry. Italians use olive oil instead of butter for soaking bread. Olive oil is obtained in the process of cold pressing from mature olives. In this way the extract is richer in essential fatty acids (EFA) which have excellent pro-health properties. Fatty acids composition in olive oil is similar to the fatty acids composition in the epidermis - it contains significant amount of linoleic acid. What is more, olive oil is a very stable oil, it doesn’t oxidize as quickly as other oils owing to the presence of vitamin E called the vitamin of youth. It is also a rich source of vitamins A, F, D, K. It delicately oils the skin and prevents from excessive water lost. It strengthens natural protective lipid layer of skin and creates a delicate biofilm which aim is to be the shield protecting from unfavorable influence of exterior factors.

    Olive oil also soothes irritated skin and eliminates skin roughness. It is a great solution to allergics with sensitive skin and dermatosis such as: atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. It’s also ideal for babies and adults care.

Finding olive oil in cosmetics can provide mediterranean touch in different formulas. We closed this precious extract in emulsion, gel, micellar water, lotion and many others. Olive oil line cosmetics nourish, regenerate and moisturise the skin at the same strengthening its protective layer. They bring relief to irritated and dry skin supporting natural functioning of normal skin. Without doubt, the cosmetics from olive oil line with their unchangeable scent for almost 30 years have been attracting multitude of active care followers since its diversity of advantages. That is probably why it is the most popular, recognised and widely appreciated line of Ziaja company. Let’s see what it means for Ziaja to be olive oil line lover.

Everyday face care routine must start from cleansing. In our olive offer you can choose between cleansing face gel, milk, micellar water – choosing your favourite and most appropriate formula for yourself. If you decide to choose olive oil cleansing gel, you can expect effective reduction of environmental impurities and make-up from your face. Moreover, this way you can prepare your skin for further cleansing treatment. Our olive cleansing gel consists of delicate washing agents.

  • If your skin on face is exceptionally dry, the best cleansing option for you is olive cleansing milk which will not only cleanse your face but will also soften the skin and restore proper pH leaving a protecting film on it. Our olive oil milk is safe even for contact lens wearers.  The most delicate and universal alternative for face cleansing is olive oil micellar water –  best for those, who are looking for cleansing, moisturising and soothing action in one product. It effectively prevents dehydration of the skin because it doesn’t disturb natural lipid layer on face.

    After cleansing, it is time for active face care. Don’t forget that the great number of olive line products may safely be used by the whole family. For example, olive oil cream is suitable for children and infants as early as at age of 1 month. In Ziaja history olive oil cream is the first cream which formula remained unchanged since it was created in 1989. Very rich consistency of olive oil cream ensures the best protection from environmental factors that can be harmful to our skin. Moreover, it intensely nourishes, smooths and regenerates skin. If you’re searching for cream suitable for  make-up base, then olive oil light formula cream will be your best choice. It shows triple action: regeneration, protection, moisturisation. Additionally, it consists of shea butter which is a source of vitamin E. This cream is recommended for children over 3 years old. Where active face care should also  include anti-ageing action, we suggest olive oil anti-wrinkle cream. Moisturising emulsion, oil-in-water type, thanks to the Q10 coenzyme oxygenates skin cells delivering energy which is necessary for skin regeneration.

Specific zones on our face and the rest of body requires specialised care. The skin under the eyes is considerably thinner than skin elsewhere on the body. Olive oil eye cream can be used on eyelids and under the eyes. It is very nourishing, fragrance-free rich formula that visibly smooths out small wrinkles and reduces signs of fatigue.

Lips are also exceptional part of our face. For their care we prepared special olive oil lip balm which resembles dense, waterless ointment. It effectively prevents lips from chapping and reduces the tendency to cracking - especially at the corners of the mouth. It’s a perfect base for lipstick as it helps to spread lipstick especially on dry lips. In case of skin emergency an olive  oil ointment is a must-have. It’suitable for children from 3 years of age. You can also use it on completely dehydrated, irritated parts of body. This is the product with the highest concentration of olive oil which is 5%.

Have you ever wondered how much time the skin on your hands needs to restore the film layer after one washing? Remember to care for this part of skin as it is one of the quickest ageing area. Intensely nourishing olive oil hand cream protects your palms and nails from damages. What is more, it also ensures such mirror smooth skin that nobody would try to guess your age!

And what about the body care… Starting from olive oil shower gel you provide gentle and efficient washing product for the whole family which is adequate for children from 3 years of age. Delicate cleansing plant-based agents effectively wash your body creating delicate foam.

  • To complement the body care, you can choose olive body butter which is enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 acids that ensures strong liporegeneration for skin. You can also reach for olive oil  body lotion which has definitely lighter formula than the olive body butter. It has shorter time of absorption into the skin. It’s suitable for children and infants from 6 months of age and its main aim is to moisture, smooth and soften dry skin.

    The last but not the least part of olive treatment is hair care. Olive oil is a popular ingredient for all types of hair in need of regeneration, especially dry, brittle, after hairdressing treatments. Olive oil  regenerating hair shampoo boosts natural volume to the hair and restores healthy look. It contains urea and provitamin B5 which ensure fantastic moisturising effect even for very dry hair. You can’t forget about conditioning hair, too. It’s like feeding a child without giving it anything to drink. Olive regenerating hair conditioner has reinforced conditioning effect due to the combination of 2 special conditioners which are complementary to each other. It reduces hair electrification and facilitates detangling. Finally it is the olive oil regenerating hair mask that provides the most intensive action. It deeply regenerates hair without weighing it down.

    Now think of Ziaja olive oil line as your everyday face, body and hair care- the line which has been taking care of people’appearance for over three decades, then you will fall in love in it!

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