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Ziaja Slim Body Lotion With Slimming Activity 270Ml

Ziaja Slim Body Lotion With Slimming Activity 270Ml

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Body lotion with effective slimming activity in the areas prone to cellulite and the accumulation of body fat. Reduces the feeling of tired legs.
Forskolin – slimmimg - prevents storage of fat cells. Reduces cellulite and firms the skin.
Caffeine, theophylline, theobromine – anti – cellulite,
anti - cellulite complex with slimming and detox activity. Reduces fat deposits and provides drainage effect. Improves blood microcirculation and skin elasticity. Reduces swelling.
Carnitine, coenzyme A – detox - facilitate the removal of toxins and prevent swelling.
Troxerutin – reduction of swelling and dilated capillaries
Improves blood vessels elasticity. Neutralises free radicals, has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties.
Hydroxyproline – firming - stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Brightens and reduces stretch marks.

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