Curly Girl Method with Ziaja

A definite try for curly hair but also suitable for dry, normal, coloured or damaged hair.

The trick is simple: you just need to change the order in which you apply the products:

1. Hair conditioner
2. Shampoo
3. Hair mask

Step 1 – provide nutrients and moisture
Start the washing ritual with the conditioner.
Apply to damp hair and massage gently from roots to ends.
Do not rinse.
Effect: hair is protected from dryness, epidermis is exfoliated, curls are enhanced.

Step 2 – wash
Start washing your hair with a gentle shampoo or a concentrated conditioner (hair mask)
The technique is important – wash the scalp and hair at the roots (not along the entire length) with warm water.
Rinse thoroughly – insufficiently rinsed hair will be dull and coarse – a commonly made mistake.
For oily hair use lukewarm water.

Step 3 – Condition
Massage and press the mask into the hair and rinse. Depending on your curls type and desired effect you may wish to use a small amount of hair conditioner at the hair ends, this does not require rinsing off.
Effect: Your hair will gain healthy looking, elastic and strong curl altogether with noticeable hydration.

You can also massage oils and serums into hair ends.

All of Ziaja’s hair conditioners and masks can be used in the Curly Girl method.
They have a lamellar structure that brilliantly fuses with the natural structure of the hair and allows for intense conditioning.

Time to try?
In the first stage we recommend Goat’s Milk conditioner it spreads easily especially on long hair. The Goat’s Milk mask and Cashmere concentrated mask will be the perfect choice for concentrated conditioning. The masks may also be applied onto the hair ends by pressing and massaging the product into the hair structure.
Adopted from: ‘Curly Girl Trend’ by K. Tyborowska
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