To Wholesale customers

If you would like to become a wholesale customer, please send your business details to info@ziajaonline.co.uk, including:

  • Name of Business
  • Registration number
  • Contact name, email address and phone number
  • Registered address
  • Shipping address (if different from the registered address)
  • Proof of business activity (eg registration certificate, utility bill, invoice etc – scanned or photographed and attached to the email)
  • Vat (if applicable)
  • In order to stock Ziaja products your business needs to be classed as a 'beauty retailer' or operate in the beauty sector. We can supply beauticians, hairdressers, spas, pharmacies and shops with a designated section for Ziaja. We will accept links or photos of your business to determine its suitability. 


  • The minimum wholesaler order is £150. This will be dispatched via a courier. The shipping cost is a fixed £10.49
  • Orders have to be pre-paid via bank transfer.

If you require samples, testers, catalogues, bags etc please contact us upon placing your order.

If you require large, pallet quantities such orders are available on drop shipping basis. Please contact us for further details.

If you are thinking of selling Ziaja in the UK or abroad but have not set up a business yet, do contact us with a short business plan including selling channels.

Looking forward to working with you
Ziajaonline Team