Welcome to our shop, we are proud  distributors of Ziaja, high quality cosmetics based on well known effective ingredients manufactured in Poland by the Baltic Sea. With over 35 years of experience, cruelty free approach (no animal testing) and honesty we offer skin, body and hair care across all age groups. 

Start you journey with Ziaja to find honesty and quality in minimalist packaging.


PHILOSOPHY: satisfying skin and hair needs by offering the highest quality products based on natural ingredients at very competitive prices

BACKGROUND: family-owned company founded in 1989 by pharmacists Zenon and Aleksandra Ziaja

OFFER: over 1000 beauty care products for face, body and hair care and pharmaceuticals of the highest quality

EXPERTISE: innovative formulas prepared according to pharmaceutical expertise based on naturally sourced ingredients

SAFETY: application and allergy tests conducted at medical clinic and efficiency tests done by independent laboratories

PRODUCTION: modern facilities in an ecological zone with own research and development laboratories

MARKET POSITION: leading producer on the Polish market with sales of more than 80 mln units per year

Company details:
Given by Nature Ltd
14 New Oak Road, London N2 8LN, United Kingdom
Registration no. 9921490