How to take care of your hair on hot days?

It is widely known that exposure to ultraviolet radiation damages the keratin sheath of the hair. This leads to the breakdown of amino-acids that make up the protein keratin, the main building block of hair, as well as the oxidation of lipids that bind the hair scales. Dryness, reduced strength, roughness, loss of color, diminished shine, stiffness, and hair breakage are all consequences of UV radiation. UVA radiation affects the hair sheath and is responsible for colour change and reduction of melanin while UVB penetrates the hair cortex and causes damage to keratin proteins. Therefore, it is important to take care of the hair scales. The undamaged scales, in good condition, protect the hair from excessive water loss and the impact of harmful external factors including UV radiation.

95% of ultraviolet  radiation is the UVA which is not blocked by clouds or glass.

With Ziaja  pineapple hair products, you can achieve the desired regeneration of your hair and scalp. Caffeine shampoo will help with that. It is a product suitable for all hair types. It is of transparent, gel formula that cleanses and purifies the scalp thoroughly.   It facilitates combing, adding shine and freshness to the hair. It boosts volume after drying. Contains conditioners that prevent tangling and hair electrifying, making combing and styling easier. The shampoo is always accompanied by a conditioner. The caffeine hair conditioner from the Ziaja pineapple skin line is an express formula recommended for all hair types. It has a creamy, rich consistency suitable for daily use. It nourishes the hair from the roots to the ends. Noticeably smooths, moisturises, and strengthens the hair and regenerates damaged hair fibers. The product contains conditioners which, combined with protective inulin, provide instant hair revitalisation. Thanks to the beneficial ingredients of the pineapple shampoo and conditioner, the hair is fragrant and soft to the touch.

Due to the fact that hair requires intensive care during the summer period, it is worth using the OMO hair washing method in combination with the Ziaja pineapple series. OMO stands for nourish-wash-nourish. In this variant, the pineapple hair products from Ziaja work great. The intensified dose of conditioners in the pineapple line will protect the hair from excessive tangling, breakage or drying out.

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