New Year, New Rituals and New You - Focus on EXFOLIATION


BALTIC HOME SPA fit exfoliation

An intense body exfoliation with BALTIC HOME SPA fit products is a three-step ritual that ensures effective removal of dead skin, softening the skin and preparation for better absorption of cosmetics.

Biodegradable abrasive ingredients in combination with intensive massage will ensure velvety smooth skin.

Aromatherapy with tropical oils used in the products will give you a feeling of refreshment.

A full BALTIC HOME SPA fit exfoliation treatment should be performed once a week to get a perfectly smooth skin.

Active action is ensured by: silica, cellulose, glycerin and inulin.


Perform an intense dry massage using a special brush with thick bristles. Remember about performing the circular, uninterrupted movements from the limbs towards the heart. In this way you will get rid of the first layer of dead epidermis and additionally stimulate microcirculation. Aftefterwards, moisten the body with lukewarm water and apply a glycerine body scrub to the brush. Intensively massage the product into the body. Then rinse with warm water.


Wash your body with a 3-in-1 shower gel & shampoo, ensuring freshness and relaxation to your skin.


To maximise the effect of perfectly smooth and refreshed skin, try mango micro scrub. Gently massage the contained in it silica with your hands on the skin. If you want to finish the massage with a strong skin stimulating accent - rinse the product with cold water. The epidermis will then be perfectly smoothed and toned.
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