Take care of your baby skin with Ziaja Baby products

The fact: the skin of new-borns, infants and young children needs special care, as it is not
fully mature and has not developed completely its defence mechanisms.

What’s it like:

  • The epidermis of a small child is thinner and more tender than that of an adult, and, as a result, it is extremely sensitive and prone to dryness and irritation.
  • The skin is fairer and less elastic, and produces less melanin, which makes it more susceptible to UV radiation. 
  • The skin of young children is characterized by a lower number of sweat glands and their weaker functioning, which results in greater sensitivity to overheating and cooling.
  • The functions of the protective barrier of the skin are not fully developed yet. The skin of the youngest children exhibits greater permeability and transdermal water loss.

Everyday baby essentials:

- skin care cream for children and infants
Cream for daily care at any time of the day. Universal product which can be applied to the
face, body and little hands from the first day of life. The cream perfectly moisturises, protects
the skin against water loss and gently lubricates it.
- nappy rash ointment or dermatological base with zinc oxide
These products prevent nappy rash, especially in the nappy area, provide a long-lasting
barrier against moisture, reduce chafing and redness.
- baby care oil
A gentle product for essential after bath care which effectively strengthens the protective
barrier of the epidermis, soothes irritated skin and lubricates it.
- lubricating bath gel
It gently lubricates the skin already in the bath and protects the epidermis. Effectively
prevents dryness of the skin.

Ziaja baby products are clinically tested, safe and effective; formulated with
specialists in the fields of paediatrics, dermatology, allergology and dentistry.

Ziaja suggestions

  •  During the first months of a child's life, everyday baths are not necessary. Washing the baby too frequently (more than once a day) can significantly dry the delicate skin. 
  •  It is not recommended to use sponges or wash cloths, as they create perfect environment for bacteria and fungi.
  • The water temperature for the bath should not be too high, preferably around 35-37°C.
  • Use products appropriate for the skin care of infants and young children in order to avoid excessive dryness, which consequently can damage the epidermal barrier, causing irritation and even allergic reactions.
  • We recommend avoiding factors that can increase sweating and irritate baby's skin, including synthetic, non-airy and tight clothes, as well as woollen fabrics which irritate the skin and cause scratchy sensations.
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