Targeting dry skin areas – Ziaja’s treatment for the whole family

Olive Oil intensely nourishing and regenerating cream and ointment. Two products to have,
to restore and remedy dry eyelids, lips, elbows, for to be used after skin treatment, to
soothe wind/sun corrosion to the skin surface and many more.
Our olive oil range has a very high content of essential fatty acids due to the cold press
process of olive oil seeds.
It slowly absorbs into the skin, which prolongs the time of product application.
Greases the skin gently and prevents the excessive loss of water.
Creates a gentle film on the skin protecting it against the unfavourable influence of external
Softens and gives elasticity to the epidermis.
Strengthens the natural water-lipid barrier.


Olive oil line Intensely nourishing face cream

Replenishes the deficit of valuable nourishing substances. Enhances epidermis renewal processes. Protects the skin and prevents dehydration. Has excellent soothing properties. Helps skin stay soft and hydrated. Restores skin elasticity and smoothness.
Apply a small amount of cream and smooth it over with a gentle patting motion. Use with other Ziaja olive oil line products.


Olive oil ointment

Olive oil ointment for dry and very dry skin with tendency to atopy.
Recommended for lips, hands, elbows, knees and heels. Perfect for
children over 3 months old.
Apply on skin and gently massage in.
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