Ziaja Cocoa Butter your summer essential!

Cocoa Butter is widely known for its regenerative-nutritious properties. It delivers essential
components that replace and regenerate natural protective layer of skin. It replenishes
lipids deficiencies in skin, regulates level of hydration. Cocoa butter moisturises and limits
transepidermal water loss. It softens, smooths and elasticises epidermis, giving at the same
time visible oiling effect. Cocoa butter is a bio-oil, natural film-forming substance. It creates
a delicate protective layer on skin surface from which water evaporates very slowly. This
phenomenon favors the concentration of UV rays, skin colour improvement and creation of
even tan. Ziaja Cocoa Butter Spray contains solid cocoa butter brought to a liquid state. We
highly recommend it after bathing, but also as tan accelerator. The product doesn’t have UV
To start your summer day rub into your body the cocoa butter shower scrub with
microgranules and natural walnut shell powder, to give the skin a feeling of smoothness.
This product will not only clean your body, but it will also prepare for better action of active
ingredients from other cosmetics.
Throughout the day apply cocoa butter body butter, lotion or spray and enjoy!
When the time comes to take your sunglasses off, have a shower with cocoa butter creamy
shower gel which will delicately wash your body leaving a pleasurable, sweet aroma on your
skin. It doesn’t dry your skin and doesn’t damage your lipid layer.
And finally comes the time for hair care. Cocoa butter smoothing shampoo is recommended
for the whole family. It may be used by children above the age of 3 years. It includes not
only cleansing but also conditioning and moisturising components that ensure protection
from hair and scalp drying. Dry hair must be treated with conditioners. Cocoa butter hair
conditioner regenerates, facilitates detangling, gives a shine on the entire length of the hair.
Cocoa butter smoothing hair mask is an alternative for extremely dry, dyed hair after
hairdressing treatments. Mask has stronger action than conditioner. It restores healthy look
of your hair, strengthens it and protests hair colour.
To explore more of the timeless and multifunctional Ziaja cocoa butter skin and hair care
follow the link www.ziajaonline.co.uk
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