Ziaja's relaxation ritual with Baltic Home Spa - Making your home your special place

Why is it important?

When we relax, our blood flow increases, giving us more energy. Our body and mind get stronger by reducing stress and anxiety. As well as this, microcirculation in our skin is improved and it regenerates more efficiently.

Follow the 3 simple steps below to see and feel the difference the ritual makes.


BALTIC HOME SPA fit relaxing ritual


Relax, rest and release from unnecessary tension and stress is the main task of the BALTIC HOME SPA fit relaxation treatment. The ritual focuses on the aromatherapeutic effect of the essence of tropical oils released under the influence of heat during bathing and when applying the mist. The treatment also takes care of the face skin condition through oxygenating and moisturising effects. The addition of ocean algae protects the skin against free radicals, oxidative stress and HEV blue light. It can be repeated every day. The skin gains a healthy colour and is well-rested and fresh. Active action is ensured by: alga Himanthalia elongata, fig extract, glycosaminoglycans.



Find a moment to yourself for a pleasurable and relaxing aromatic bath. Mix any amount of jelly soap with water until the foam creates. The concentrated mango formula gently cleanses the skin, leaving an intense fragrance.

To prolong the durability of the exotic fragrance on the skin, spray the body and hair with a refreshing mist from a distance of at least 20 cm. Its amazing scent was inspired by rhythm, dance and acrobatics.

Perform a gentle massage on your cleansed face using a special brush with soft bristles. Make gentle circular movements from the center outward along the facial muscles. This way you can improve microcirculation. Then apply a moisturising and oxygenating face cream. Its light formula quickly absorbes into the skin, moisturises and makes the skin look fresh and rested.
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