why GdanSkin?

Our history began in 1989 in Gdansk.

Gdańsk is a coastal city. It is exceptional and inspiring. It combines tradition and modernity, nature and science.

GdanSkin mixes care, freshness and elegance. Its original fragrance draws inspiration from the nature of the sea and rocky plants.

GdanSkin features packaging with an unusual graphic design referring to the symbols of the city's architecture.

Water & Skin

Water is of great importance to the skin. In its deeper layers, about 50-70% of water is contained. The closer to the outer layers of the epidermis, the less water there is due to natural evaporation. In the outer layers of the epidermis, there is only about 13% of water. Even a slight shortage of water in the skin can lead to disturbances in its proper moisturising. Dry and/or dehydrated skin is inflexible, rough, prone to irritation and wrinkle formation. Often it is accompanied by an unpleasant sense of skin tightness and discomfort.

Optimum skin moisturising involves providing the skin with water-binding components, which strengthen its barrier functions and retaining water in the epidermis.

How does GdanSkin work?

GdanSkin is based on a three-fold process of skin hydration:

Such a complex organization of moisturising mechanisms ensures water balance, as a result of which the skin is:

- deeply hydrated, soft and flexible
- smooth and rejuvenated, with less visible wrinkles
- protected against irritation and overdrying

Active substances – coastal inspirations

GdanSkin is an innovative composition of substances with exceptional moisturising and smoothing properties:

Marine collagen (Soluble Collagen)
- strengthens the protein-lipid structure of the skin
- reduces deep and surface wrinkles
- binds water in the skin — instant moisturising effect
- stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin

Natural microelements (Saccharomyces/Zinc Ferment, Saccharomyces/ Copper Ferment, Saccharomyces/ Magnesium Ferment, Saccharomyces/ Iron Ferment, Saccharomyces/ Silicon Ferment)
- in the form of bioavailable bioferment with zinc, silicon, copper, magnesium and iron
- improves skin barrier functions
- reduces the negative effects of oxidative stress
- increases the production of cellular energy
- has anti-inflammatory properties and improves skin microbiota

Helichrysum Stoechas Flower Extract
- has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
- protects against the negative effects of external factors
- slows down the ageing process of the skin
- seals and constricts blood capillaries
- soothes irritations

Common horehound (Marrubium Vulgare Extract)
- has antihistamine properties
- actively moisturises the skin
- improves the skin barrier functions
- soothes irritations

Water hyssop (Bacopa Monniera Extract)
- has antioxidant properties
- delays the aging process of the skin
- protects the outer lipid layer of the epidermis
- regenerates damage and soothes irritations

Sea body care

- Indulge in an aromatic bath with a refreshing body wash relax of your home spa, whose fragrance spreads in the bathroom in the blink of an eye immediately after pouring the product into the water. Delicate foam makes washing easier, and the skin after the sea bath remains moisturised and fragrant.

- When you do not have time for a long bath, choose glycerin shower and bath soap, which moisturises and leaves your skin smooth thanks to the content of peeling beans.

- Body scrub for a daily use? Reach for oil scrub in the form of a thick paste. The peeling effect is provided by natural sugar, salt crystals and finely ground scallop shells. Apply the scrub to clean, damp skin, massage in circular motions, and then rinse with warm water. The scrub not only exfoliates and smoothes the skin, but also noticeably lubricates and softens it.